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Queensland Rope Skipping Association (Skipping Queensland) was established in July 2003 and is based in south east Queensland. 


Skipping Queensland is affiliated to the national rope skipping body, Skipping Australia.

Skipping Queensland has a long and proud history of athletes and coaches that have represented Australia at Youth, Open International and World Championship events. 



The core activities of Skipping Queensland are to:

  • provide support to new clubs in their initial development

  • coordinate and stage the annual state championship event

  • support local clubs to coordinate and host regional competitions

  • work with local clubs to promote the sport of rope skipping to attract more skippers




Skipping Queensland is administered by a volunteer committee, which comprises the following portfolios:

  • President (2023: Louise Lakeman)

  • Treasurer (2023: John Roddick)

  • Secretary (2023: Fiona Mol / Machelle Myburgh)

  • Head of Rules Committee (2023: Taryn Hodgson)

  • Grants (2023: Louise Lakeman / Machelle Myburgh)

  • Communications (2023: Chloe Mol)

  • Music & Technical (2023: Craig Gilbert)

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